The Focus is a smaller version of the Aegis, for those dogs that cant quite pull off 2.25". Strong but elegant, this collar can be brightened up with designer leather accents. 


Please fill out the required information including leather choice and accent color choice (optional). For more information on what crystal colors we carry in each size and our leather selection, please visit our materials page. 


The listing photos are examples only. 


You can Add On a Crystal or Spot Border for this collar with the Add On Listings

The Focus

Neck Measurement
Double Layer?
Taper at Buckle
  • Single Layer (1.5" wide) or Double Layer (1.75" wide)

    No taper or  tapered to 1.5" or 1"

    Sized using 5 holes spaced 1/2" apart, with the middle hole being the measurment you specify in the text box

    Designer Leather accents under the chain link spots

    40ss Crystal (large), 34ss Crystal (medium) and 20ss Crystal (small)

    Solid brass spots in brass, nickel, or black finish



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