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MDD Warranty

While it's unfortunate when a rivet pops or a crystal comes loose, it happens. There is no such thing as a 100% indestructible collar and because of that, we back all of our leather collars with a warranty. If your collar loses a part of its design or has a hardware malfunction, we will repair it for free.

 Our lifetime guarantee covers ornamental designs elements like crystals, spots, pyramids along with hardware malfunctions including rivets, d-rings, and buckles. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear or excessive wear and tear of a collar. Anything caused by abrasive surfaces such as concrete, overexposure to water, excessive pulling, misuse of the collar, or negligence in care of your collar will not fall under the free repair.

Collar Use: Our collars are meant for decorative wear and use on a leash. Our collars should not be used with tie outs or dogs that pull excessively. Use with a tie out voids all warranties.  

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