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The designer leather options are for accent colors behind "chain link" spots seen on collars like The Madness, The Aegis, The Min, and The Martian. 

(1) Blue 

(2) Green

(3) Red 

(4) Silver

(5) Gold

(6) Orange

(7) Purple

(8) Turquoise 



We try to carry a couple different weights of leather so that there are options for small and large dogs. We are always looking to expand our leather selection. We use a beautiful belt grade latigo leather produced in California. This latigo is of a medium weight, 9-10oz, and makes a sturdy but light collar. Our Wickett & Craig Bridle leather is a wonderfully thick leather at 10-12oz. Bridle leather is a stiffer leather, but with wear and conditioning, this leather relaxes and becomes more flexible. Not a recommended leather for smaller dogs as it is heavier. White Designer latigo leather is also now available. This is a waxier feeling latigo with a very smooth finish. 

(1) Black Latigo (9-10oz) 

(2) Brown Latigo (9-10oz)

(3) Burgundy Latigo (9-10oz) 

(4) Yellow Latigo (9-10oz) 

(5) Hazelnut Latigo (9-10oz) 

(6) Black Bridle (10-12oz) 

(7) Dark Brown Bridle (10-12oz)

(8) Medium Brown Bridle (10-12oz)

(9) Chestnut Bridle (10-12oz) 

(10) Tan Bridle (10-12oz)

(*) White Designer Latigo (8-9oz) - not pictured

(**) Zucchini (green) Bridle (10-12oz) 

(***) Blueberry (navy) Bridle (10-12oz)

(****) Chili Pepper (red) Bridle (10-12oz)

(*****) Eggplant (purple) Bridle (10-12oz)

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