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Meet The Team

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth METROplex, Metro Dog Designs is a family owned business comprised of a husband and wife, and their three dogs.

Erin - Owner, maker of all the collars. Erin loves working with her hands, whether it be painting, cross stitching, or leather working. By day, Erin works as an accountant, by night, she makes collars. 

David - Supportive Husband. David doesn't work on collars, but he does take care of the house and dogs when Erin is busy with orders. Without him, she wouldn't be able to get much done. He does help with the occasional leash though. David is a mechanic, and works at a Mazda Miata specialty shop. 

Molly - Big Pretty. Her nickname says it all, this girl loves collars and loves dressing up. Unfortunately, with all that hair, it's hard to see the collars! Molly is a Mini American Shepherd, and is the oldest in the bunch. She loves agility classes and laying around on the couch.

Moose - Guard Dog Extraordinaire. Moose is the middle child and will eventually be the smallest of the bunch. The best way to describe his personality is to say someone took a 60lb dog and put him in a 25lb dog's body.  This guy is on high alert at all times and has the voice to scare away any intruder. When he isn't scaring people away, this Mini American Shepherd loves to participate in FastCAT and CAT events. 

Mulligan - Future Show Dog. The youngest dog, Mulligan is the odd one out as he is a Golden Retriever. He is a fluffy little guy with a big personality and is Erin's show prospect. When she isn't at work or working on collars, she is working with Mulligan. 

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